Guest Post Opportunities

At The Wake Down, we welcome all aspiring writers who wish to showcase their writing skills. We believe that one should always promote talent. Hence, we have launched our Write For Us program for all enthusiastic writers by giving them a chance to feature their blog posts on our website.

More About The Write For Us Program

The Write For Us program is open to anyone wishing to feature their blog post on our website. There is a set of guidelines and recommendations that one should consider before applying for this program. Since attaining the highest reader satisfaction is our topmost concern, we only accept drafts that are brilliantly written and comply with all of our guidelines. 

Guest Post Guidelines

If you wish to submit a blog post for featuring on our website, we recommend you to read all of the below-mentioned guidelines and write your articles accordingly:

  1. Ensure that your articles are more than 700 words and less than 1500 words.
  2. Do not write articles related to gambling, drinking, and adultery.
  3. Write 100% unique articles with zero plagiarism.
  4. Do not use paraphrasing tools to write content for your articles.
  5. Do not use any AI writing bots to write content.
  6. Thoroughly proofread your articles before submitting them.
  7. Make sure your articles do not have a single grammatical or punctuation mistake.
  8. Do not include third-party promotional links in your articles.
  9. Only write authentic information and do not provide misleading facts.

Write For Us Recommendations

We have set specific recommendations for you to provide our readers with the best experience while reading content on our website. Following these recommendations will significantly improve the chances of your post’s featured on our website.

  1. Write shorter sentences that are easy to understand and grasp.
  2. Do not use challenging vocabulary in your articles.
  3. Write attractive and catchy headings and subheadings to engage the readers.
  4. Write content mostly in active voice and avoid using passive voice.
  5. Include authoritative links from websites link Forbes and Statista to prove your given information and facts.
  6. When submitting your articles, do not include any irrelevant details about yourself.
  7. Keep your application minimal and include the relevant search terms listed below.
  8. Wait for a few working days after submitting your application. We will get back to you within 2 to 4 working days.

Keywords To Include While Submitting Application

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Contact Us

You may email us your articles at [email protected]. If you have any queries and opinions regarding our Write For Us program, feel free to mail us at the same email address. We would love to answer your concerns.