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Malika Kinison is an American-based makeup artist and actress who is widely recognized as the ex-wife of a popular American stand-up comedian with the name Sam Kinison. Apart from this, Malika Kinison has also played numerous crucial roles in the entertainment sector. Some of her popular workings involve participation in The Dangerous, The Arrogant, Searching for Bobby D, and much more! 

After the death of her first husband, Malika Kinison got involved in marriage for the second time. That being said, how are the present living conditions of Malika Kinison? Is she the mother of any kids? Is she committed to a serious relationship? Allow us to enlighten you with the bio, wiki, spouse, age, relationship status, kids, and numerous significant details of Malika Kinison through this writing!  

Malika Kinison Wiki and Biography

malika kinison exwife of sam kinison


Malika Kinison, also commonly known as Sam Kinison spouse or Malika Souiri, was born in Rabat, Morocco, on the 1st of September 1959. Although the parents of Malika Kinison are Moroccan, she herself has American nationality. 

With that said, it is also to be noted that Malika Kinison has not revealed a lot of information about her parents so far on social media platforms or on the internet. Still, it has been reported that she does have a promising relationship with her father and mother. She has not revealed a lot about her parents so far on social media platforms or on the internet. Still, it has been reported that she does have a promising relationship with her father and mother. 

While talking about the childhood and early days of Malika Kinison, one should be well aware of the fact that Malika Kinison had a nice upbringing as she spent most of her days as a child with her mother and father. However, a lot of things started to change for her once she decided to move to the United States of America.  

Learning About the Age and Height of Malika Kinison 

There have been a lot of questions on the internet recently concerning the height, weight, and age of Malika Kinison. So, we thought it would be best if we answered them all here for your convenience.  

Malika Kinison, also recognized as Sam Kinison spouse, has a weight of around 76 kilograms, which equals to 121 lbs in pounds approximately. In addition to this, she is 5 feet and 10 inches tall at the current stage of her life while being 62 years old.  

What is the Main Reason Behind the Fame of Malika Kinison? 

In case you have not already heard about this before, Malika Kinison was married to one of the best comedians and actors in the entertainment industry, whose name was Sam Kinison. Shortly after the marriage of Malika Kinison to Sam Kinison, Sam died due to a severe car accident.  

As far as the marriage of Malika Kinison and Sam Kinison is concerned, the couple tied the knot in a romantic and beautiful wedding ceremony held in Las Vegas on the 4th of April, 1992. That being said, it is indeed worth noticing that the couple even decided to go on a honeymoon to Hawaii shortly after they got married. However, the disapproving news is that they could stay married only for six days as, after that, Sam Kinison died in a car accident.  

Now, the big question is, when exactly did Malika Kinison start dating Sam Kinison? According to a significant number of credible sources on the internet, Malika Kinison began dating Sam Kinison at the time when he was still in a relationship with his second wife, whose name was Terry Marze.   

What is the Exact Net Worth of Malika Kinison? 

Although Malika Kinison has not revealed anything yet about her exact salary or income, her net worth is expected to be somewhere around $500,000 USD at the present stage of her life. 

As Malika has spent extensive time in the film and entertainment industry, there is no denying the fact that she earns a lot of wealth from this industry through her acting skills. However, she still enjoys living a low-key life instead of showing off everything that she has access to.  

Although Malika Kinison has not told anything about her exact income to the general public, there have been various rumors on the internet that she earns hundreds of thousands of dollars every year due to her successful acting career. 

The Bottom Line  

Malika Kinison was born in Morocco and is 62 years old at the current stage of her life. Although there is not a lot of information available about the parents of Malika Kinison, what we do know is that she does have a sister with the name Sabrina Souiri.

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