Privacy Policy

The Wake Down is a virtual blogging platform that aims to provide the highest quality and original blog posts to its esteemed readers. Apart from publishing content of topmost quality, our prime focus is to protect the privacy of our visitors.

Our privacy policy explains in detail the data we collect and how we use that data. We also give details related to third parties and the cookies we use on our website. We recommend you read our privacy policy to get information regarding our terms and conditions.

About Our Privacy Policy

Keep in mind that once users interact with our website and use our services in any manner, they agree with our terms and conditions. We get a hold of certain information directly submitted by users or collected by our system. The Wake Down possesses the right to use that information according to the privacy policy.

What Data Do We Gather?

Data is collected using two different ways on our website. Firstly, there is some information that is provided directly by users. This is when users interact with us in various forms. We collect certain information whenever you comment on our blog posts, email us, or create an account on our website. This information includes your name, email address, contact details, message contents, and attachments.

Another method of gathering data is done directly by our system. Our system collects your IP address, geolocation, and online IDs.

Purpose of Data Collection

Note that every piece of information we collect is solely for your benefit. We collect data to provide a better user experience on our website. We offer better goods and services to you based on your preferences. We always look for improvement in our services and website following the information submitted by you.

Through the collected information, we target relevant and specific advertisements for you. We also send occasional emails to our users regarding the latest content uploaded on our website. Lastly, we collect data to prevent fraudulent activities on our website and protect our users’ data against online theft.


The Wake Down also makes use of cookies like any other website. Cookies are used to offer you a more personalized experience on our website. Cookies contain log files, clickstream, and other data. When you visit our website for the first time, we ask permission to use cookies.

If you want to disable cookies, go to your browser settings and disable them. However, we do not recommend you to disable them as it will only affect your user experience on our website.

Third Parties

The Wake Down has relations with third parties for advertisement purposes. We hold the right to share your information with third parties to target personalized advertisements for you. We do not take any responsibility for the products and services offered by third parties.

Privacy policies of third parties can be different than our policy. Hence, we recommend users look at their privacy policy before purchasing products and services from them. We do not share any sensitive information related to you with third parties.

Updates In The Privacy Policy

We occasionally update our privacy policy to stay compliant with the terms and conditions of GDPR and higher authorities. Kindly check our privacy policy page periodically to get information about any changes and modifications. The Wake Down holds the right to change or modify its privacy policy.

Contact Us

Email us at [email protected] if you have any queries regarding our privacy policy.